Select publications

We have highlighted a few key publications about each major area of our research. For a full list of publications, please refer to our team’s work on Pub Med at this link.

Shared decision making

Endorsement of the OMERACT core domain set for shared decision making interventions in rheumatology trials: Results from a multi-stepped consensus-building approach. Toupin-April K, Décary S, de Wit M, et al.  Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2021;51(3):593-600.

Development and acceptability of a patient decision aid for pain management in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: the JIA Option Map. The Patient. K. Toupin April, A.M. Huber, C.M. Duffy, D. Couchman, L. Proulx, E.M. Morgan, F. Berbatovci, A. Boyd, H. Sachs, A. Sirois, J. Cohen, M. Bisch, A. Sivakumar, M. Ragusa, T. El Hindi, I. Gaboury, L.C. Li, E. Stringer, S. Cavallo, E. Ueffing, M. Gibbon, P.R. Fortin, W. Brinkman, M. Connelly, J.E. Weiss, S. Gmuca, S. Décary, P. Tugwell, J. Stinson.

Shared decision-making in gout treatment: a national study of rheumatology provider opinion and practice. Singh, J. A., Richards, J. S., Chang, E., Toupin-April, K., & Barton, J. L. (2021). Clinical rheumatology, 40(2), 693–700.

OMERACT Development of a Core Domain Set of Outcomes for Shared Decision-making Interventions. J Rheumatol 2019; 46(10):1409-14. K. Toupin April, J. L. Barton, L. Fraenkel, A. Meara, L. C. Li, P. Brooks, M. De Wit, D. Stacey, F. Légaré, B. Shea, A. Lyddiatt, C. Hofstetter, R. Christensen, M. Scholte Voshaar, M. E. Suarez-Almazor, A. Boonen, T. Meade, L. March, J. E. Jull, W. Campbell, R. Alten, S. Karuranga, E. M. Morgan, J. Kaufman, S. Hill, L. J. Maxwell, D. Beaton, Y. El-Miedany, S. Mittoo, S. J. Bartlett, J. A. Singh, P. Tugwell.

Exploring decision making needs about pain management among adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and their families: preliminary results from interviews. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2018; 70 (suppl 10). K. Toupin April, J. Stinson, A. M. Huber, C. M. Duffy, I. Gaboury, E. M. Morgan, L. Brosseau, W. Brinkman, L. C. Li, A. Sivakumar, T. El Hindi, J. Gagnon, M. Bisch, J. Cohen, E. Stringer, F. Légaré, L. Proulx, P. R. Fortin, P. Tugwell.

Toward the development of a core set of outcome Domains to assess shared decision making interventions in rheumatology: results from an OMERACT Delphi survey and consensus meeting. J Rheum 2017; 44(10): 1544-1550. K Toupin April, J. Barton, L. Fraenkel, L. C. Li, P. Brooks, M. De Wit, D. Stacey, F. Légaré, A. Meara, B. Shea, A. Lyddiatt, C. Hofstetter, L. Gossec, R. Christensen, M. Scholte Voshaar, M. E. Suarez-Almazor, A. Boonen, T. Meade, L. March, C. Pohl, J. E. Jull, S. Sivarajah, W. Campbell, R. Alten, S. Karuranga, E. Morgan, J. Kaufman, S. Hill, L. J. Maxwell, V. Welch, D. Beaton, Y. El-Miedany, P. Tugwell.

A Decision Making Needs Assessment of Youth with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and their Caregivers: Preliminary Results from a Narrative Review. J Rheum 2016; 43(6):1149-1250. K. Toupin April, M. Laporte-Lafrenière, G. Galibois, G. Cadieux-Boileau, I. Gaboury, V. Grandpierre, J. Stinson, A. Huber, E. Morgan De Witt, C. Duffy, M. Gibbon, P. Tugwell, L. Brosseau.

Development of a Draft Core Set of Domains for Measuring Shared Decision Making in Osteoarthritis: An OMERACT Special Interest Group on Shared Decision Making. J Rheum 2015; 42(12):2442-7. (PMID: 25877502). K. Toupin April, J. Barton, L. Fraenkel, L. Li, V. Grandpierre, F. Guillemin, T. Rader, D. Stacey, F. Légaré, J. Jull, J. Petkovic, M. Scholte Voshaar, V. Welch, A. Lyddiatt, C. Hofstetter, M. De Wit, L. March, T. Meade, R. Christensen, C. Gaujoux-Viala, M.E, Suarez-Almazor, A. Boonen, C. Pohl, R. Martin, P. Tugwell.

Development and alpha testing of a stepped decision aid for patients considering non-surgical options for knee and hip osteoarthritis management. J Rheum 2016; 43(10): 1891-1896. (PMID: 27585691). K. Toupin April, T. Rader, G. Hawker, D. Stacey, A. O’Connor, V. Welch, A. Lyddiatt, J. McGowan, C. Thorne, C. Bennett, J. Pardo Pardo, GA Wells, P. Tugwell.

Patient-oriented research

Patient engagement partnerships in clinical trials (PEP-CT): protocol for the systematic development and testing of patient partner and investigator decision aids. Parry, M., Ceroni, T., Wells, D., Richards, D. P., Toupin-April, K., Ansari, H., Bjørnnes, A. K., Burnside, H., Cavallo, S., Day, A., Ellis, A., Feldman, D., Gilron, I., Najam, A., Zulfiqar, Z., & Marlin, S. (2022). BMJ open, 12(2), e060267.

Five golden rings to measure patient-centered care in rheumatology. Arthritis Care and Research, Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2020 Oct;72 Suppl 10(Suppl 10):686-702. S. Décary, K. Toupin April, F. Légaré, J.L. Barton.

Patient Engagement Partnerships in Clinical Trials: Development of Patient Partner and Investigator Decision Aids. The Patient. M. Parry, A.K. Bjørnnes, K. Toupin April, A. Najam, D. Wells, A. Sivakumar, D.P. Richards, T. Ceroni, M. Park, A.K. Ellis, I. Gilron, S. Marlin.

Are Patients’ Views Considered when Developing Instruments for Assessing Shared Decision Making Outcomes? A Systematic Review to Inform Rheumatology Practice and Research. J Rheum 2015; 42(7):1263-1348. K. Toupin April, V. Grandpierre, J. Barton, L. Fraenkel, L. Li, D. Stacey, F. Légaré, T. Rader, V. Welch, J. Jull, J. Petkovic, P. Tugwell.

Toward Ensuring Health Equity: Readability and Cultural Equivalence of OMERACT Patient-reported Outcome Measures. J Rheum 2015; 42(12):2448-59. J. Petkovic, J. Epstein, R. Buchbinder, V. Welch, T. Rader, A. Lyddiatt, K. Toupin April, M. De Wit, J. Barton, C. Flurey, J. Jull, C. Barnabe, A. Sreih, W. Campbell, C. Pohl, M. Tuncay Duruoz, J. Singh, P. Tugwell, F. Guillemin. (2015).

Evidence-based practice

Towards consensus in defining and handling contextual factors within rheumatology trials: an initial qualitative study from an OMERACT working group. Nielsen, S. M., Uggen Rasmussen, M., Boers, M., A van der Windt, D., de Wit, M., G Woodworth, T., A Flurey, C., Beaton, D., Shea, B., Escorpizo, R., Furst, D. E., Smolen, J. S., Toupin-April, K., Boonen, A., Voshaar, M., Ellingsen, T., Wells, G. A., Reeves, B. C., March, L., Tugwell, P., … Christensen, R. (2021). Annals of the rheumatic diseases, 80(2), 242–249.

Ottawa Panel Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for Foot Care in the Management of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2016; 97(7):1163-1181. L. Brosseau, K. Toupin April, G. Wells, C. Smith, A. Pugh, J. Stinson, C. Duffy, W. Gifford, D. Moher, C. Sherrington, S. Cavallo, G. De Angelis, L. Loew, P. Rahman, R. Marcotte, J. Taki, J. Bisaillon, J. King, A. Coda, G. Hendry, J. Gauvreau, M. Hayles, K. Hayles, B. Feldman, G., Kenny, J. Li, A. Briggs, R. Martini, D. Feldman, D. Maltais, S. Tupper, S. Bigford, M. Bisch.

Ottawa Panel Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for Physical Activity in the Management of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2017; 98(5):1018-1041. S. Cavallo, L. Brosseau, K. Toupin April, G. A Wells, C. Smith, A. Pugh. P. Rahman, I.C. Àlvarez Gallardo, J.N. Stinson, R. Thomas, S. Ahmed, L. Loew, G. De Angelis, C.M. Duffy, D. Ehrmann Feldman, A. Majnemer, I. Gagnon, D. Maltais, M. E. Mathieu, G. P. Kenny, S. Tupper, K. Whitney-Mahoney, S. Bigford. O

Tramadol for osteoarthritis. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2019, May 27; Issue 5: CD005522. K. Toupin April, J. Bisaillon, V. Welch, L. J. Maxwell, P. Jüni, W. S. Rutjes, E. Husni, J. Vincent, T. El Hindi, G. A. Wells, P. Tugwell.

The state of research on complementary and alternative health care in pediatric rheumatology. Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America 2011;37(1):85-94. K. Toupin April, R. Walji.

Self-management interventions

La version franco-canadienne de l’outil « OA Go Away » : Au revoir Arthrose | Comité d’experts pour la rédaction de la première version expérimentale de l’outil « OA Go Away » Comité d’experts pour l’évaluation de la deuxième version expérimentale de l’outil « OA Go Away ». Physiother Can 2018; 70(4): 330-338. L. Brosseau, K. Toupin April, G. Paterson, S. Cavallo, S.M. Shallwani, J.A. Barette, P. Duong, N. Paquet, E.G. Rududura, R. D’Entremont, J. King, L. Poulin, D. Cardinal, L. Loew.

Methods and measurement

Validation of the parent global assessment as a health-related quality of life measure in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Results from ReACCh-Out. Oen, K., Toupin-April, K., Feldman, B. M., Berard, R. A., Duffy, C., Tucker, L. B., Tian, J., Rumsey, D. G., Guzman, J., & ReACCh-Out investigators (2022). Rheumatology (Oxford, England), keac350. Advance online publication.

Traduction franco-canadienne de l’Assessment of Systematic Reviews Revised (AMSTAR 2) : validation transculturelle et fidélité interjuges. Flowers, H., Guitard, P., King, J., Fitzpatrick, E., Bérubé, D., Barette, J. A., Cardinal, D., Cavallo, S., O’Neil, J., Charette, M., Côté, L., Gurgel-Juarez, N. C., Toupin-April, K., Shallwani, S. M., Dorion, M., Rahman, P., Potvin-Gilbert, M., Bartolini, V., Lewis, K. B., Martini, R., … Loew, L. (2022).  Physiotherapy Canada. Physiotherapie Canada74(1), 15–24.

Application of Rasch Analysis to the Parent Adherence Report Questionnaire in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Pediatr Rheum 2016; 14(1):45. K. Toupin April, J. Higgins, D. Ehrmann Feldman.

Measurement properties of questionnaires assessing complementary and alternative medicine use in pediatrics: a systematic review. PloS ONE 2012;7(6):e39611. K. Toupin April, D. Moher, J. Stinson, A. Byrne, M. White, H. Boon, C.M. Duffy, T. Rader, S. Vohra, P. Tugwell.

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